What should you not overlook when planning your wedding?

What should you not overlook when planning your wedding?


Considering your wedding is the most important day of your life, you have probably started planning the event with enough time in advance. Organizing everything requires time and patience, and because you have so many things to take care of, you can easily end up neglecting certain tasks that are in fact more important than you might initially think. Here’s what you should make sure you not overlook when you are planning your wedding:

The photographer your hire matters

Although beautiful wedding photographs are something any couple wants, some often believe that hiring just anybody for the job can work out fine. Even if you might be able to find so many professionals available, when it comes to Surrey Wedding photography, who willing to provide you with the services you need, if you want to benefit from spectacular pictures, choosing someone with excellent skills will be necessary. Take enough of your time to browse through offers, to look at portfolios, to ask for recommendations, and only when you are properly informed you can make a decision. You probably do not want to receive unflattering and dull photos at the end of this occasion, so give this topic enough thought.

Sitting arrangements

Although might not be as important as hiring the perfect photographer, such as Moritz Schmittat, photographer in Surrey, sitting arrangements are also something that could slightly influence how great the reception will turn out. Leaving your guests the task to choose their own seats can lead to inconveniences and agitation during the reception. Also, not paying attention next to whom you sit one guest or another can cause unwanted discussions as well. Take your guest list and handle sitting arrangements carefully.

The dance floor

Regardless if you are hosting an outdoor or indoor wedding, you probably want people to enjoy themselves and have fun, and that involves dancing, after all, that’s why you are hiring a band or a DJ in the first place. Well, you could be surprised to learn how many coupled do not think about space when arranging the venue, and end up with an overly crowded dance floor. Make sure the location where you will be hosting has enough room for everyone to dance and have fun.


You need to set exact hours for every part of the wedding, starting from the time you arrive at church, to the after ceremony photo session and greeting guests at the reception venue. Put everything on paper in order to actually have a properly organized schedule.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you might be tempted to handle in a neglectful manner, but you shouldn’t. If you want your wedding to be a memorable event, and to not face any unpleasantness that might ruin this once in a lifetime occasion, make sure to pay enough of your attention to these few several aspects. The one responsibility that remains the most important is of course hiring the right wedding photographer.