Where to find scrap copper

Where to find scrap copper

People do not recycle scrap copper purely out of environmental concerns. The reality is that copper is one of the most precious nonferrous metals there is, being more and more sough as the supply for it is decreasing. Copper found in the home is undoubtedly a valuable possession, which is the reason why it is worthwhile to start looking for it. Any type of scrap copper that you can find will ensure you a good income. Recycling companies are always looking for customers with scrap metal and they substantially reward people who make the effort to bring in their copper. To get in touch with such a company, you can visit If you do not know where you might find scrap copper to recycle, it is worth checking the following list.

Home plumbing systems

If you are on the verge of doing remodelling work on your house, such making the transition from copper pipes to PVC, you may want to keep the old copper pipes instead of handing it over to the contractor. Materials used in plumbing installations as well as the components that make up the central heating system are made from copper and most, important. However, if you are not planning a home renovation project any time soon, you should ask local plumbers for copper pipes. You can buy the pipes and sell them for some extra cash.

Household decorations

Luckily, it is not necessary to go to an auction to get your hands on scrap metal. Ornaments, statues and other decorative items can be recycled for money. However, what if you do not have any copper decorations in your home? You may not have looked careful enough. The likelihood is that you have at least one ornament that you have completely forgotten about. If you unclutter the basement, for instance, you may discover hidden treasures. To make sure that you have enough recyclable material, it is a good idea to make an agreement with an interior decorator. More precisely, if the designer has anything to spare, he/she should report back to your immediately.

The kitchen

The items in your kitchen represent a great source of scrap copper. Pots and pans are a good example, but you should take into consideration other cookware as well. The refrigerator and the washer are another example of household items that can bring you in important sums of money. What you should keep in mind is that old appliances are the most valuable because they have a considerable amount of copper. No the same thing can be said about modern appliances. In the case that you have not replaced any major appliance, it is worth asking your neighbors if they have any defective appliance. You will see that they will gladly rid themselves of it.

Traditional metal roof panels

It may not be common knowledge that several decades ago it was fashionable to replace the existing tiles with copper. The main reason why people used to do this is that roofing copper is much more durable. If you are not able to find scarp copper on your rooftop, you should not despair. Keep an eye out for neighbors that are replacing their roofs and offer to buy the metal for a good price.