Why does mould keep coming back?

Why does mould keep coming back?

You’ve removed all the furniture, scrubbed all the corners, applied bleach, let it dry out and, despite what you’ve read on home improvement blogs, your mold problem keeps coming back. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem. Mould can be extremely difficult to get rid of, especially when you rely on word-of-mouth advice and don’t resort to professional services. Here are the top reasons why your attempts have failed and why you should consider hiring mould removal Toronto companies instead.

You did not locate all sources of mould

Most homeowners clean the patches of mould that they can see with the naked eye, and this is a big mistake, because mould may form in many places and not be visible. In many cases, mould is formed inside the walls and affect their structure without you even noticing. The small patch of fungi you see around kitchen corners may expand inside the wall and, even if you do remove what is on the surface, the problem will keep coming back. Modern testing methods include high end detection equipment as well as trained canines, so talk to a professional company to locate the source of the problem.

You did not eliminate the humidity source

Mould is caused by high humidity, so no matter how thoroughly you remove it, it will form again if the area is still humid. The bathroom and kitchen are two of the biggest problem areas, so once you have a professional get rid of the fungi, take measures to ensure that the area remains dry. For example, you can apply mould-resistant pain on the walls and invest in a good de-humidifier. Areas should be well ventilated, clean and it wouldn’t hurt to have thorough testing done once every six months.

You didn’t use efficient removal solutions

Not every household mould removal solution works. In fact, some of them do more harm than good. Bleach and biocides may seem effective, but they are toxic and may damage your health and the environment. Moreover, they kill the spores, but dead airborne spores are also harmful. The problem will also come back if you only removed the spores on the surface. As long as a source of fungi remains inside the wall, a stain may appear within weeks. It is not recommended to clean up yourself, because without the proper protective equipment you could inhale spores and risk contamination. A professional removal company will do the job faster and more thoroughly, so that you can have a safe and healthy home.