Why not make a ribbon wreath for Valentine’s Day?

Why not make a ribbon wreath for Valentine’s Day?

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, you should make sure not forget about the chocolates and of course the decorations. If your current wreath is deteriorated, then you will need a new one to adorn the house. While you can buy one from the nearest store, you could try making a decorative wreath for this special holiday. Not only is making a festive wreath surprisingly simple and fast, but can use the experience you gain for other occasions as well. What you need to do is get your hands on some ribbon material. Although you can find gigantic spools of ribbon at the store, you should buy ribbons online because they are more affordable.

The charming ribbon wrath  

To make things simpler, use a wire wreath frame, particularly one that is heart shaped. It is obvious that you will need lots and lots of ribbon materials, a pair of scissors and a measuring tape. Cut the ribbon into 20 inch stripes and determine the pattern. You can use 5 different colours or even more, depending how full you wish the wreath to be. However, keeping an odd number will help you alternate inside and out. You have to thread each strand under the inner and middle wires and make a loop on each side. After tying a knot, thread the following strand under the middle and outer wires, making a loop once again and tying a knot. Slide the bows together and continue this operation until you finish the material. For an even fuller look, push the bows close together.

The burlap heart wrath

You can also carry the burlap theme into Valentine’s Day. For this project, you will need to pick up a box style wreath form and rolls of red burlap ribbon. All you have to do is pull the burlap material through the wreath form. To make the wreath more impressive, consider incorporating a couple’s monogram. This way you can display it for your anniversary as well. Purchase a wooden monogram, cut the monogram by hand and start painting. Once it is painted, hang the monogram on the wreath using paper clips.

Double ribbon Valentine wreath

To make a double ribbon Valentine wreath, you will need a wreath, wired edge ribbon, decorative material and a glue gun. If you are crafty enough, you can make a heart shape using the hanger. You should first secure the ends of the ribbon with either the glue gun or some tape. Next, find the centre of each fold and place the narrower stripe over the wider one. Taking into consideration that you will have to insert the wire through the layers of ribbon, make sure to use an owl so as not to damage it. After poking each hole and threading the material onto the wire, use the glue gun to secure the wire ends.