Why professional carpet cleaning services are mandatory for families with infants?

Why professional carpet cleaning services are mandatory for families with infants?


When planning to bring a baby into the world, many parents start considering safety concerns as well. Air, carpeting and sharp corners are the main things that come into their minds. However, a great accent falls on to carpeting. Before walking, your baby will be crawling and touching the floors. Case in which, you want to make sure that everything is squeaky clean. And this is when experts recommend getting a carpet cleaning quote and investing in professional cleaning services. Below are more facts about your baby’s first years and the importance of squeaky clean floors.

1. Carpets vs. hardwood floors

A popular belief is that hardwood flooring is far more appropriate for families with infants. But keep in mind that although the wood itself is a natural material, the coating is far from being like this. On the other hand, carpet manufacturers have become more conscious with the manufacturing techniques and fabrics used in the process and nowadays can offer incredible products at advantageous prices. Before making a decision of this kind, inform yourself on the advantages and disadvantages brought by both, while having in mind your infant’s health.

2. Always invest in professional cleaning services

At companies like Renew carpet cleaning, clients can enjoy eco-friendly cleaning services, nothing more appropriate for the health of your crawling infant.  These companies invest plenty in their equipment and offer exquisite services. Using fast-drying extraction cleaning techniques, these companies offer solvent and chemical free cleaning services. During these interventions, all allergens and microbes that are hosted in your carpets or rugs, and also in other various areas or items in your home and removed. For instance, these companies offer with success upholstery cleaning services, curtain cleaning services, tile and grout cleaning services. This way, you can be sure that your entire home is safe and welcoming for the new family addition. Keep in mind that infants are more vulnerable than adults to allergens and microbes, not to mention chemical elements. A safe way to assure their health is by investing in eco-friendly cleaning interventions. Also, you may be interested to find out that the quality of the indoor air will be significantly improved as a result to these interventions, decreasing the chances to develop asthma and other severe allergies considerably.

3. What are the costs of professional floor cleaning services?

The pricing varies greatly, depending on your carpet’s dimensions, type of intervention preferred and the stains present on your item. However, the safest method to find out the costs involved by the process is getting a quote from the company directly. Many companies have available on their websites forms to fill in, as well as contact details which you can easily use. However, keep in mind that no matter the costs, there is something else you should have in mind, namely, you child’s safety and health. Given the fact that these interventions are eco-friendly and kill 98% of the microbes, an intervention like this is certainly worth the investment.